The Impossible Quiz Solution

You might be disappointed if you use this walkthrough rather than work it out for yourself, but the puzzle is so frustrating that I doubt it 


The Impossible Puzzle is mainly multiple-choice puzzle where you have to get the answer right (or do something else) on each level to progress to the next.

It may take you months to solve it by yourself, so to save your sanity I've provided the solutions here.

1) There are 4 holes in a polo shirt
2) No, but a tin can
3) Read backwards, answer the question backwards
4) Click on the words "The Answer" in the question
5) After you put your mouse in the spot, move the mouse outside of the flash animation to re-enter it on the other side
6) Shallots are, quite literally, roots of an onion
7) An elephant is big
8) You need to find the work "OK" in the image, it appears when you hover over it
9) Question 2 was "No, but a tin can", in the bottom left, so click the top right answer
10) Teeth are used to "Choose food" or "Chews food"
11) n follows December 2
12) The smallest dot is above the 'I' in "Click the smallest"
13) Apparently is makes the sound F'TAANG
14) Torch
15) Spell 'horse'
16) 7th letter of "The Alphabet" is H
17) Click the 17 next to the question
18) Click the hammer
19) Using the letters at the start of the colours - Blue, Orange, Green, Green, Yellow
20) Seal
21) The top left flashes green
22) +1 Skip
23) Bran
24) Click the 'v' in lives
25) Shoe polish
26) Arsefacey
27) Go to 28
28) A-bun-dance
29) Egg Mayonaise
30) Just do as it says
31) Woof. Woof. Woof.
32) Babycham and human faeces
33) There are 7 letters in 'His hand'
34) Move the mouse pointer off the flash
35) Just wait for the correct button
36) A walk
37) Anything will do, so click NO
38) Mary Rose
39) Cylindrical adventures
40) After you've put the mouse where you're told, right click and then you can move the mouse across the menu to the next button
41) The afro
42) Click the 42nd 42nd, i.e. the second from the left on the bottom row
43) Tom Cruise
44) Just do the jigsaw puzzle & click where it tells you
45) Using wingdings, it says "Potatoes fly." the correct answer is in the top right, which is "WRONG"
47) The mouse will disappear, just put it in the correct spot before it does (where the arrow points)
50) Remember blue, red, blue, yellow 108=4 8 15 16 23 42 - Click OK
51) Just keep clicking
52) The third from the left
53) ...But Pa Might Not
54) No, about 20cm off the ground
55) A games console for wholemeal biscuits
56) Click on Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow
57) Erm... One?
58) Shepherd's Pie
59) Repeatedly click on the mouth of the black thing (quickly)
60) Answer it truthfully - (probably NO)
61) Thumbs Up
62) Not the Moth - The Moss
63) Tasteless White Filth
64) Egg>28
65) Click the word "Largest"
66) Click the Exclamation Point
67) A Big Hairy Arsonist
68) Pet the cat
69) LOL, 69
70) Using its anus
71) Click a square when it is green
72) Half way down, right over on the left, under the '2'
73) Top right
74) No one knows that
75) Under number '75' a button will appear labelled 'escape', press it quickly
76) Sugar honey honey
77) Question 77
78) Four
79) Click the 'U' in 'You' in the bottom left
80) Filthy Romanians
81) Run your cursor up and down the lightning rod, then click the green arrow
82) Clip the tonails really quickly
83) National Dyslexic Association
84) The shooting star is the green star - not the GREEN ARROW!
85) I loved it
86) The prince
87) A '.' After number '87'
88) Break sonics legs by continually clicking the mouse on his leg
89) Blindness
90) Nonce
91) Start by clicking just below the third hole of the note and then follow the rip across by clicking the mouse.
92) 194, 27, 26, 14, 9, 3, 2.5, 1, .4
93) Move the bomb, click Go!
94) The bomb is a dud
95) Move mouse off the game. Click Red
96) A right mess
97) 10+ times!
98) Blue, red, blue, yellow
99) Wait until the light changes to green and then click the sign
100) Two - (this is the last level where you can stop for a break)
101) Spell "Chihuahua" quickly.
102) Be quick. Only one has no dot. It's a red square.
103) Keep mouse in middle and comb down and right. It's really close to center.
104) Bottom right crescent moon.
105) Use the letters in the answers to spell "banana".
106) This is a side scroller. Use the mouse to stay on the road as the screen scrolls up. Follow the road and keep your mouse high because the road will curve down once. At the fork of three roads, choose the left one.
107) Just don't click anything. Might have to move mouse though.
108) Don't forget the spaces
109) Click the monkey super fast and click the arrow he poops out.
110) Use all 7 skips.