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Level 60
- The title of the page, using numbers on a phone, converts to 'olympic games'
- The text in the clue, using numbers on a phone, converts to 'phone:[sum[calling codes(summer) + calling codes(winter)]-women=?.png'
- Around the rings is written '.764' a number of times, .764 converts to .png, so look at the colours.png, i.e. blue.png, yellow.png, black.png, green.png and red.png, but they don't tell you anything except 'color=26567', this means that we need to convert the colours to numbers and then lookup the corresponding image.
- blue.png = 2583.png = 1980
- yellow.png = 935569.png = 1964
- black.png = 25225.png = 1928
- green.png = 47336.png = 1952
- red.png = 733.png = 1968
- The locations of these Olympics were Soviet Union (1980 Summer), USA (1980 Winter), Japan (1964 Summer), Austria (1964 Winter), Netherlands (1928 Summer), Switzerland (1928 Winter), Finland (1952 Summer), Norway (1952 Winter), Mexico (1968 Summer), France(1968 Winter)
- The international telephone calling codes for these countries are:
- Summer: Soviet Union - 7; Japan - 81; Netherlands - 31; Finland - 358; Mexico - 52
- Winter: USA: 1; Austria - 43; Switzerland - 41; Norway - 47; France - 33
- Sum of the summer calling codes is 529; sum of the winter calling codes is 165; the sum of these two numbers is 694
- There were 694 athletes at the 1952 Oslo games, 109 of these were women
- 694-109=585
- Visit 585.png and see thegrid.html

Level 61
- In the page source it says "text used in the level : codes", so look at codes.txt
- The text of that file is (with no line breaks, I've added the line breaks in at arbitrary points here):
- The letters don't matter, only the case matters
- Work out which letters are lower case and which are uppercase, you're going to need to contruct a 25x25 2D barcode based on those 625 letters where the capital letters are coloured dark and the lowercase letters are coloured white (or uncoloured)
- Convert this 2D barcode to read 'MATMSG:BODY:option.htm;;'
- Visit option.htm, which is an error page, but note the page source which has odd capitalisation.
- The capitalised letters are EFFORTHTML

Level 62
- There is some text in the top left of the flash image, you can see it by clicking on the image and pressing tab until it has the focus, it will then be highlighted.
- It says:
rand [([3;4][3;6][5;5][3;4],[3,5;5]=.)
- Thee title of the level is, translate, The Knights Templars, or Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon (pauperes commilitones Christi templique Salomonici)
- The name of the flash movie is molay, jacques de molay was one of the heads of the Knights Templar
- The way to plot the given co-ordinates is:
- Given [a;b][c;d] draw a line from where x=a and y=b through to where x=c and y=d; if more than 2 co-ordinates, just keep drawing
- Given ([a:b][c:d],[e:f][g:h]) draw the line [a:b][c:] and then draw the line [e:f][g:h]
- Given ([a,b:c]=.) along the line [a:c][b:c] put a dot (don't draw the line)
- If you plot the numbers from the first line (as x,y co-ordinates on a graph) then you get a maltese cross
- The Knights Templars used a system of coding their messages called pigpen. The pigpen coding using a Maltese Cross was called "Le chiffre des templiers", and using that coding method the second line of the text from above decodes as rand[v+u+t+e+a+n+r+d], the rand just means randomise it or mix it up, i.e. an anagram.
([3;4][3;6][5;5][3;4],[3,5;5]=.) v
+([4;3][6;3][5;5][4;3],[5;3,5]=.) u
+([7;6][7;4][5;5][7;6],[6,5;5]=.) t
+[([3;4][3;6][5;5][3;4])x2] e
+([4;7][5;5][6;7]) a
+([4;7][6;3],[4;3][6;7]) n
+([3;4][5;5][3;6],[3,5;5]=.) r
+([3;4][5;5][3;6])] d
- Answer is adventure

Level 63
- The clue says "clue : no clue", but it is interesting that this is not text, but an image called clue.gif that shows this text.
- If you take a closer look at clue.gif you'll see that the bottom part of the image is a coloured transparent with white text on it, the text is backwards and read reversed reads "?tiaau eshhwo masWaf al'.de nstynH" (the letters are reversed); we'll decipher this clue later.
- The shockwave file shown is off.swf, take a look at on.swf
- The page looks blank but there is a text field in there, if you right click on the page of the book and choose "Select All", then right click again and choose "Copy", then paste this into notepad you can read the text.
- The text reads "Yes, indeed, hose are te marks of teth impinted pon the metal! The jaws which they arm must be possessed of amazig strength. s there some monster beneath us belonging to the extint races, more voracious than the shark, more fearful in vastness than the hale? I could not take my eyes off this indented ion bar. Surely wll my las nght’s dream be realised?
These thoughts agitated me all day, ad my imaination scarcely calmed down after sevral hours’ sleep.
Monday, August 17. — I am trying to recall the peculiar instincts of the monsters of the preadamite world, who, coming net in succession aftr the molluscs, the custaeans and le fshe, precded the animal of mammalian race upon the earh. Te world thn belonged to retiles. Those monstes held the mastery in the seas f the secondary period. They possessed a perct organiation, gigantic proportions, prodigiou strength. The saurians of our day, the alligatrs and the crocodiles, are but feeble reproductions of their foefathers of primitive ages."
- This is text from Chapter 33 of Journey to the Interior of the Earth with some letters missing.
- The letters that are missing are "therunicwritingexercisestheprofessor", i.e. the runic writing exercises the professor, which is the title of Chapter 3 of the same book.
- In Chapter 3, The Professor discovers some writing which has been coded by Arne Saknussemm, if we use his coding algorithm to decode the text we got from the clue then we at last get the real clue which is "Hefoundaway.What'shislastname?"
- His last name is Saknussemm, type that into the field and click OK.
- We get a 404 error page, but if we look at the page source code of that error page and note that some characters are in capital letters and they are "HVWPRSOEEEELHN", decoding this (over 3 lines because the page source is broken up into 3 parts) we get "NEPHEWLOVESHER".
- The nephew in the book loves grauben.

Level 64

That's all I've got for now. I will update this over time & contributions are welcome as comments to my blog.

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