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Level 50
- In a comment in the page source, it says 16-8-71-22-8-7-49(4D)
- The clue says that we have enough elements, so you need to refer to the periodic table of elements
- Decoding what is says in the page source using element abbreviations from the periodic table of elements gives 'SOLUTION IN 4D'
- Decoding the codes on the main page using element abbreviations from the periodic table of elements gives 'THE SOLUTION IS CUBE'
- A 4D (4 dimensional) cube is a 'hypercube'
- Type hypercube into the field and click OK.

Level 51
- The page source says 'image used in the riddle : 51.png'
- Print out 51.png and cut along the red lines and fold along the blue lines... some pieces will not be able to be completed, throw these away.
- The letters you will get are CALL, type 'call' into the field and click OK.

Level 52
- A virus is found, but it isn't a computer virus
- The code GED/S/L a+++ e+++++ is Geek Code, which can be decoded at http://www.geekcode.com/geek.html
- Decoded this tells us these things about the person: Geek of Education, Geek of Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.), Geek of Literature; My age is 60 and up; I am Stephen Hawking.
- Steven Hawking has ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig's disease, the answer is gehrig

Level 53
- In the page source for the clue page it has some text, copy from the '/' through to the '.wav' and then paste it into notepad; put a line return every 30 characters and you can read codes.wav. (Their are 30 dashes up to the '/', that is how to know to put an enter every 30 characters).
- You need to download codes.wav, starting from the clue page URL, i.e. from http://www.ouverture-facile.com/clues/codes.wav
- Slow this file down and you have instructions to type out text in exactly the same format as you just saw to get codes.wav, including where to put the enters
- You get the word 'lions'; type 'lions' into the field and click OK.

Level 54
- The page source has 'DTMF' and 'isbn.wav' in it, so download isbn.wav, if you listen to it it has dtmf tones (phone dial tones) in it.
- These dial tones are the number 0802132952, which is the ISBN number for the book "Naked Lunch" by William S. Burroughs
- Type 'burroughs' into the field and click OK.

Level 55
- Notice the red lines, they separate the colours into
- The hex values represent colours
- Starting from the top left
- fcd116 is yellow, 00337f is blue, ce1126 is red; a yellow/blue/red horizontal-striped flag is columbia
- ef2b2d is yellow, ffffff is white, 00a3dd is red; a yellow/white/red horizontal-striped flag is luxembourg
- d81e05 is red, ffffff is white, d81e05 is red; a red/white/red horizontal-striped flag is austria
- Then there is a '.'
- 009e60 is green, fcd116 is yellow, 3a75c4 is blue; a green/yellow/blue flag is gabon
- Now moving across the bottom
- 009977 is green, ffffff is white, d81e05 is red; a green/white/red vertical-striped flag is italy
- 00335b is blue, ffffff is white, d81c3f is red, a blue/white/red vertical-striped flag is france
- Taking the first letters we have cla.gif
- It turns out you need to use cola.gif which includes the first two letters of columbia, but I don't know why!!!
- Of course once you've viewed cola.gif you've got to look at coca.gif
- In coca.dif we've got a light greeny colour which is actually represented by the hex value deface, it also says #.png, so we now look at deface.png
- In this new image we've got the text ALT in the colour represent by hex value 657684, so if we type Alt-65 (hold down Alt, press 6 then 5 then release Alt), Alt-76, Alt-84 we get ALT
- So the background colour is 696585, which deriving the same way as above we get EAU
- The name of the level is licence and the shockwave name is plates.swf
- The International Licence Plate code with value EAU is for the country of uganda

Level 56
- E numbers represent food colouring additives & the title is additives
- Better Be Right Or Your Great Big Venture Goes West (from the clue) is a mnemonic for the ratings of electrical components such as resistors, which assigns values to colours
- Using this the text in the top right is E151=black=0; E100=curcumin=yellow=4; E150=caramel=brown=1; E130=blue=6; E111=orange=3; E170=white=9; E124=ponceau=red=2; E140=Chlorophylis=green=5; E111=orange=3
- This gives us 041639253
- Working on the letters/numbers on the main part of the puzzle they are broken up into columns... so lookup the letter in the 2nd column against '0' in the first column to get 'o'
- Similarly find the letter in the 4th column corresponding to '4' in the 3rd column gives m
- Continuing we get omega.png
- Continuing the theme we have a resistor with food colouring as values, the colours correspond as: E111=orange=3; e100=yellow=4; e124=red=2; e140=green=5
- This works out, on a 4-colour resistor as 3400+/-0.5% (Note: I believe it is +/- 5%, however it appears that the puzzle is desinged as +/- 0.5% as there are only images for values between 3383 and 3417, which is +/-5%)
- Looking at images such as 3383.png, 3384.png, through to 3417.png, they all say 'NO' except for 3415.png which says fiftyseven.html

Level 57
- Map out the prime numbers on the grid
- Prime numbers include 2, 151, 421, 83, 179, 11, 211, 311, 19, 13, 269, 23, 89, 257, 401, 31, 47, 131, 97, 7, 277, 73, 79, 373, 3
- Mark the appropriate blocks on a John Conway Game of Life Grid and iterate by 1 step
- You can see read answer, it is oil

Level 58
- The image on the phone is a 2D barcode
- You can decode the image with a variety of tools, an online one is here: http://www.drhu.org/QRCode/QRCodeDecodeJava.php
- If you need a copy of the image, I've uploaded one here: http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/9310/barcode8qo.jpg
- Once decoded the text is "wan;SUB:can you solve this?;BODY:a.jpgXORb.jpg;;"
- Download a.jpg and b.jpg
- Combine them with an XOR operation and then, if necessary, invert the colours
- You need to decode this barcode
- I've also uploaded a copy of it here: http://img219.imageshack.us/img219/861/barcode39vt.jpg
- Once decoded it says "the;SUB:answer is;BODY:produce;;"
- The answer is produce

Level 59
- Look at the small letters in the words: unzampthree
- i.e. unza.mp3, so download that and listen to it
- Looking at only the capital letters in the clue we read TCTGTATTA, this is a DNA code (i.e. the letters GTAC)
- After the singing he says "whoa, whoa, whoa. C'mon emir, I know you CAn. Could you Give me musiC insTeAd of Cries. Come on. You need To TrusT in you so you can beCome fAmous", highlighting the GTAC letters here would give us CCACGCTACCTTTCA
- CCA-CGC-TAC-CTT-TCA is, as the template strand for a DNA to Amino Acid conversion glycine, alanine, methionine, glutamic acid, serine
- Using the standard 1-letter abbreviation for each of those amino acids, we get glycine=G, alanine=A, methionine=M, glutamic acid=E, serine=S. The answer is GAMES.

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