ouverture-facile.com english solutions and walkthrough [40-49]

You *will* be disappointed if you use these solutions rather than work it out for yourself, you are only cheating yourself - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED  (maybe you want the hints only page?)


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Level 40
http://www.ouverture-facile.com/riddles/nox/sheep/underground.htm - The image is of the logo used for stations on the london underground
- Look at underground.jpg, it is blurred and it says on it "ex : circle.jpg"
- circle is the name of a line on the London Underground, other lines include Bakerloo, Central, District, East London, Hammersmith & City, Jubilee, Metropolitan, Northern, Piccadilly, Victoria, Waterloo & City
- The clue says that its useful to go from point one to point two, so find these points on the map and draw a line between them
- There is only one station that the line goes between & that is Oxford Circus
- There are 3 lines going through Oxford Circus, they are Bakerloo, Victoria and Central; combine these images and you'll read 'mrclean'
- Type 'mrclean' into the field and click OK

Level 41
- Move the man to reveal some text, it is 2 lines, "epc kylbcd" and "hl vphvrcy"
- It is a letter substitution. I started with 'the answer is' and got e=t,p=h,c=e,k=a,y=n,l=s,b=w,d=r,h=i, and then you can tell the last word is 'chicken'
- Enter 'chicken' into the field and click OK.

Level 42
- The clue says Ib->Dc, if you find these grid references on the image you could translate this as France->USA
- ,qnga on a french keyboard would come out as mangq, so go to http://www.ouverture-facile.com/riddles/nox/sheep/chicken/mangq.html where you'll get a different error message.
- The error message refers to tree and stalk... mangq looks like mango

Level 43
- If you lighten up the image you can see the text 'left.jpg', so look at left.jpg and right.jpg
- Combine the two together and you can see text... it is very difficult to see & I found that no matter what opacity I made the layers I couldn't see it, however if I rapidly moved the opacity slider from side to side I could briefly make out the work 'black'

Level 44
- Doing the same thing we did for level 24 we get:
queen of diamonds(5)=rachel=e
queen of spades(6)=pallas=s
king of clubs(2)=alexander=l
jack of clubs(4)=lancelot=c
queen of clubs(phone)=argine
king of diamonds(4)=cesar=a
queen of spades(1)=p
queen of hearts(2)=u
- The letters, broken down into red/black (because difference attracts, sameness repells)
- red:ioeau
- blk:slcp
- alternating red/black (so start with red because there is one more) we can spell 'usa police', & we have a phone symbol
- type '911' into the field and click OK

Level 45
- In the page source it says 'url=word+46+.html'
- Slow the image down and capture 6 frames with letters and greek letters on them
- Overlay the images (I actually copied out the letters and pasted them into a new image in their original positions
- Draw lines from points of alpha-alpha, beta-beta, etc
- The lines intersect letters that spell out 'ashes'
- Follow the instruction in the source and you get ashes46.html

Level 46
- Check is missing signature and it mentions the forum
- Have a look at SWAN's (the creator) signature in the forum and just to the left of it is a link to http://www.ouverture-facile.com/riddles/signature.html
- If you look at the page source for signature.html you'll find top.png listed, so visit that URL
- Open the image in MS Paint and use the fill tool to colour it in. You will see id=price.
- The price is '31', so go to http://forum.ouverture-facile.com/viewtopic.php?id=31, where you're told to add 8, so go to http://forum.ouverture-facile.com/viewtopic.php?id=39, where you're told to Add 1(white text on white, so you'll have to highlight it).
- Go to http://forum.ouverture-facile.com/viewtopic.php?id=40, which has a link to http://www.ouverture-facile.com/riddles/bravo.html after 'thanks'.
- On this page view the source where you can see itsthebottom.png, so visit this image where you can make out mouse (although you could combine it with top.png to get the full image.
- Using MS Paint's fill tool, fill the image again to see 'plural' in this image, giving the solution 'mice'
- Type 'mice' in the field and click on OK.

Level 47
- The first image is a television with a '-' in the middle, so try taking out the dash, i.e. going to http://www.ouverture-facile.com/riddles/911/mice/television.html
- Now you can see the ouverture-facile logo with a '-' in the middle, so take the dash out of ouverture-facile, going to http://www.ouverturefacile.com/riddles/911/mice/television.html
- You want to look at toothbrush.html, but it isn't there
- If you look at the clue page for this page (which isn't linked, you'll have to go to http://www.ouverturefacile.com/clues/ctelevision.htm ), it says '.wav'.
- So download toothbrush.wav
- Remove the blank spaces from this sound file and play it, it says 'history'
- Go back to the first page (with the picture of the television) and type 'history' in the field and click OK.

Level 48
- Start with the letters CJLNUJWY as given
- In the source code it says '9'
- Shift these letters 9 places backwards to get TACELANP, which is an anagram of placenta
- Placenta is the latin word for flat or circular cake
- Type 'cake' into the field and click OK

Level 49
- The clue says to check the forum.
- In Swan's post it has a link to an img: '[img]item=21.jpg[/img]', he also (a couple posts) says that he'll 'upload' it again and links to http://forum.ouverture- facile.com/attachment.php?item=30, on this link we can download 21.png and also we learn how to reference the original attachment, i.e. http://forum.ouverture-facile.com/attachment.php?item=21
- Item 21 is zappa.jpg, an image of frank zappa
- If you brighten the image, in his beard it says "Look at the description of this picture"
- If you look at the properties of the zappa.jpg after saving it to your hard drive, the description indicates 'OF Logo - Homepage'
- Download logo.gif from http://www.ouverture-facile.com, open it in MS Paint and use the Fill tool to fill the black to white, you can now see 'lafrance.html' in the bottom-right corner.
- Go to http://www.ouverture-facile.com/riddles/911/mice/lafrance.html
- What you're looking at isn't shockwave this time, its just an image called lfac.png, lfac is a part of lafrance, so look at arne.png for the missing part of the image.
- If you join these two images together an arrow points to lyon and says .gif, so look at lyon.gif, which is a jigsaw puzzle
- Finish the jigsaw puzzle to see numbers.html

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