ouverture-facile.com english solutions and walkthrough [30-39]

You *will* be disappointed if you use these solutions rather than work it out for yourself, you are only cheating yourself - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED  (maybe you want the hints only page?)


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Level 30
- If you look at a.jpg it shows a picture of the entrance to the Amiens Zoo
- If you then look at b.jpg it shows a picture of Jules Verne's tombstone, located in the Madeleine Cemetery in Amiens, on Rue Saint-Maurice.
- In the source code there is a link to http://www.mappy.com/?lang=en
- Follow the directions from Allee du Zoo Amiens to Rue Saint Maurice.
- To get from the zoo to the grave you need to turn right, left, left, left.
- Click on the hands, then turn right, left, left, left.

Level 31
- When you hover over the rabbit's hand it says up the top (in the black) "Argentine, Sevre Babylone, Villiers, Oberkampf, Pyramides, Pere Lachaise"
- In the source code it says ' "French word for subway".jpg ', the french word for subway is metro, so look at metro.jpg, which is a map of the french metro
- michel ange is on lines 10 and 9, 10+9=19=s; villiers is on lines 3 and 2, 3+2=5=e; la motte is on lines 6,8 and 10, 6+8+10=24=x
- Argentine is on line 1=a; Sevre Babylone is on lines 12 and 10=22=v; Villiers is on lines 3 and 2=5=e; Oberkampf is on lines 5 and 9=14=n, Pyramides is on lines 7 and 14=21=u; Pere Lachaise is on lines 2 and 3=5=e.
- This makes avenue

Level 32
- It is sign language
- It is g-a-r-n-e-t

Level 33
- You need to look at the position of the 'points' in the text, you could do this by capturing the screen and deleting the rest of the text.
- It is a picture of a cat

Level 34
- Go to the clue page.
- Change the URL from http://www.ouverture-facile.com/clues/cfalse.htm to http://www.ouverture-facile.com/clues/ctrue.htm and you get an error page telling you to look at the source
- When you look at the source you find the URL for the next level

Level 35
- Move a heap of panes off of the desk and you find an icon for file.zip
- Download file.zip and open it, you'll find zip.file inside... this is also a zip file, open it
- Inside that you'll find music.jpg, which is a sound file... listen to it and it says the clue is in the file.
- Look in the file (notepad) and you'll see balloon.html
- Change the url to balloon.html and you get an error page
- Look at the source of the error page and you'll see congratulations.html

Level 36
- Sort the colours into the reverse colours of the rainbow, i.e. purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red
- Note the numbers written on the top and bottom right of each rectangle
- Read co-ordinates off of them now they are in order
- Swap the co-ordinates around to get 43.03237 -83.69984, which is the town of Flint
- Type 'flint' into the field and click OK

Level 37
- Look at the clue... there isn't one... without correcting the URL to http://www.ouverture-facile.com/clues/cflint.html
- You're going to have to go back to old clue pages, change them to .html and have a look at the source of them for letters in the comments
- Level 37 gives 0
- Level 36 gives 7
- Level 35 gives 4
- Level 34 (the second help file) gives 2
- Level 34 gives 8
- Level 33 gives r
- Level 32 gives e
- Level 31 gives b
- Level 30 gives m
- Level 29 gives u
- Level 29 (the first time) gives n
- Level 28 gives e
- Level 27 gives h
- Level 26 gives t
- Level 25 gives d
- Level 24 gives n
- Level 23 gives a
- Level 22 gives l
- Level 21 (the third time) gives a
- Level 21 (the second time) gives m
- Level 21 gives i
- Level 20 gives n
- Level 19 gives a
- Level 18 gives d
- Level 17 gives r
- Level 16 gives o
- Level 15 gives w
- Level 14 gives e
- Level 13 gives h
- Level 12 gives t
- Level 11 gives s
- Level 10 gives i
- Level 9 gives r
- Level 8 gives e
- Level 7 gives w
- Level 6 gives s
- Level 5 gives n
- Level 4 gives a
- Level 3 gives e
- Level 2 gives h
- Level 1 gives t
- Which says "The answer is the word animal and the number 82470"... but... you need to take the '8' out as you should have ignored that page back then & so you should again now.
- Type 'animal2470' into the field and click OK.

Level 38
- if you listen to whelp.wav (which is written on the toy) you hear the sounds of a wolf, horse, elephant, lion and parrot sped up. Note that their initial letters spell whelp
- Record the sound when you pull the string, reverse it and speed it up and you the sounds of cow, ape, goat, elephant, donkey. These initials are caged.
- Download caged.wav, which says "This is not an MP3 file"
- Download caged.mp3 which says "I will not make further comments"
- If you look at the file caged.mp3 in notepad it says "or maybe i will : sheep/window.html"

Level 39
- if you look through the window you'll note that the background isn't aligned properly... it's changed.
- If you look at the page source you'll note that the background image is square.jpg, whereas it has always previously been square.png
- Look at square.png, upon which is written underground.htm

Levels [1-9][10-19][20-29] [30-39] [40-49][50-59][60-69]