ouverture-facile.com english solutions and walkthrough [20-29]

You *will* be disappointed if you use these solutions rather than work it out for yourself, you are only cheating yourself - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED  (maybe you want the hints only page?)


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Level 20
- The pictures represent 1's and 0's.
- Convert the 1's and 0's from binary to decimal (ignore the horizontal lines, they're just dashes)
- Convert the decimal values to letters of the alphabet, A=1, B=2, etc
- Above the line is 'late' (the URL)
- Below the line is 'chat'
- Enter chat into the field and click OK

Level 21
- You can look at each image and from their URL's work out that you next need to go to http://www.ouverture-facile.com/riddles/pickles/back.htm
- Then you need to go to http://www.ouverture-facile.com/riddles/pickles/incorrect.htm
- If you look at the source of this page it shows the shockwave as being incorect.swf (sic), so you now go to http://www.ouverture-facile.com/riddles/pickles/incorrect.swf (correct spelling) and see decibel.htm

Level 22
- Take the URL (see the arrow up the top pointing down from there), in fact take 'decibel'
- Use level 06, i.e. convert to ascii
- Use level 20, i.e. convert to binary
- Under the first XOR step it says 'jpg', so look at key.jpg, it says 'unsound'
- XOR encrypt the binary of the ascii of 'decibel' with the binary of the ascii 'unsound'


XOR'd =

- Then we need to convert this to ASCII, i.e. 17-11-16-6-23-11-8
- Then we want to view this, i.e. ◄ ♂ ► ♠ ↨ ♂ ◘
- Under the second XOR key it says 'png', so look at key.png and it gives you a table to decode
- Decoding you get 'becomes', type becomes into the field and click OK.

Level 23
- Download ey.txt
- Download mil.zip
- You need to build the proper emily.jpg by putting mil.zip inside ey.txt. If you look at ey.txt in a hex editor you'll see a series of hex values '30', you need to replace these with mil.zip.
- You can do this with a HexEditor called XVI32
- Once you've done, view emily.jpg (that you created) and see kitty.htm

Level 24
- You need to find the French names for particular playing cards
- Look at the backs of the cards, and those that have numbers, take that number letter from each name
- The names and letters in order (as they begin on the page are below)
- Queen of Hearts (3) = Judith = d
- Jack of Hearts (6) = La Hire = e
- King of Diamonds (1) = Cesar = c
- Jack of Clubs (2) = Lancelot = a
- King of Spades (5) = King David = d
- Queen of Clubs (6) = Argine = e
- King of Clubs (6) = Alexander the Great = n
- Queen of Diamonds (3) = Rachel = c
- Jack of Diamonds (2) = Hector of Troy = e
- Enter decadence in the field and click OK.

Level 25
- Record the sound file
- Speed it up
- It sounds like baa's but looks like morse code
- dash-dash ; dot-dash ; dash-dash-dot ; dot-dot ; dash-dot-dash-dot
- magic

Level 26
- The numbers are co-ordiantes and they are - 74.04612 40.69018
- That location is in the middle of Antarctica, with nothing there, however 40.69018, -74.04612 points to Liberty Island in New York where the statue of Liberty is located.
- The Statue of Liberty was sculpted by Bartholdi, enter 'bartholdi' into the field and click OK.

Level 27
- Look at http://www.ouverture-facile.com/riddles/bartholdi/journal.txt and it tells you to find leopold
- Look at the various pigeons names (with.txt on the end) and you get this info:
-Pigeon Martin, you will deliver your messages to the cities of :Niort -> Libourne -> Brive -> Saint-Yrieix -> Angoulême -> Limoges -> Guéret -> Luçon
-Pigeon Auguste, you will deliver your messages to the cities of :Carcassonne -> Saint-Gaudens -> Lectoure -> Albi -> Condom -> Bergerac -> Aurillac Good luck !
-Pigeon Paul, you will deliver your messages to the cities of :Saint-Dizier -> Lunéville -> Semur -> Vesoul Good luck !
- Pigeon Roger, we've taken your "condition" into consideration, you only have one flight to do :Chartres -> Blois Good luck !
- Pigeon Louis, you will deliver your messages to the cities of :Sisteron -> Orange -> Viviers -> Gap -> Montélimar -> Tournon -> Grenoble Good luck !
- Pigeon Jean, you will deliver your messages to the cities of : Etampes -> Beauvais -> Compiègne -> Soissons -> St Denis (Paris) -> Melun Good luck !
- Map out the pigeons paths on http://www.ouverture-facile.com/riddles/bartholdi/map.jpg and you'll see that they spell out, in order - B-E-Z-I-E-R.
- Type 'bezier' in the field and click OK.
- You are now given the path that Leopold took:"It seems that Leopold finally read his log-book but also went completely out of his mind :Issoire -> St-Etienne -> Trévoux -> Gannat -> Nevers -> Chalon-sur-Saône Or maybe he doesn't know how to spell these towns. Anyhow, he isn't in any of the towns referred in his log-book.", which spells out S, spelling out beziers overall.

Level 28
- It shows images of levels 6,8,9,13,20,22,24 and 25.
- Hovering over the correct point on each of these images reveals (in order) 97, 2x3, a pink block, 4[6], 10011, iXORo, a card with a '2' on the back and the King of Clubs, and ...
- 97 on the puzzle 6 = a
- 2x3 on puzzle 8 = e (second on button 3)
- a pink block on puzzle 9 = r
- 4[6] on puzzle 13 = o (down 4 across 6)
- 10011 on 20 = 19 = s
- iXORo on 22 = o
- a card with a '2' on the back and the King of Clubs on 24 = l (2nd letter in Alexander the Great)
- ... on 25 = s (... is 'S' in morse code)
- The file names for these levels are element, communication, color, paper, late, decibel, kitty, decadence.
- Type 'aerosols' into the field and click OK
- Math for level 22 below

Level 29
- A simple anagram

Level 30
- In the source code you can see flower.html

Level 31
- Type 'easy' into the field and click OK

Level 32
- Just change the URL

Level 33
- Just click on OK

Level 29
- Well, I guess you never really finished 29
- Paste the images from levels 29,30,31,32 and 33 together and then overlay the image of the wall on them
- You see 'the answer is asylums'
- Type 'asylums' into the field and click OK.

Levels [1-9][10-19] [20-29] [30-39][40-49][50-59][60-69]