ouverture-facile.com english solutions and walkthrough

You *will* be disappointed if you use these solutions rather than work it out for yourself, you are only cheating yourself - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED  (maybe you want the hints only page?)


http://ourverture-facile.com provides a logic game for you to solve. Each level of the game could require you to do anything from mathematics, image manipulation, audio editting, hex editting... in fact anything could be required to solve it.

Below I've included full and complete spoilers as a walkthrough of the game. I haven't finished it, but I've included information on the level that I'm up to. I will update this over time & contributions are welcome as comments to my blog.

The below aren't hints or gentle nudges they are complete solutions with the reasons why you need to do what you do. If you want the hints only, then I suggest you take a look here instead.

Levels [1-9] [10-19][20-29][30-39][40-49][50-59][60-69]

Level 1
- Move the pieces off of the head and click on the brain

Level 2
- Put the jigsaw together
- It is an arrow pointing up the URL, change the URL

Level 3
- mirror the url

Level 4
- solve the jigsaw puzzle
- it shows the picture from the cover of Pink Floyd - Animals
- Track 4 is sheep

Level 5
- Move the player on the left
- Go to http://www.ouverture-facile.com/riddles/user.jpg - to see 'little'
- Go to http://www.ouverture-facile.com/riddles/password.mp3 to hear 'game'
- Click on the element.html on the desktop and enter 'little' as the username and 'game' as the password.

Level 6
- using the numbers as the ascii values of characters, the lines spell: 1) water; 2) fire; 3) earth
- the only element left is air, which is 97-105-114 in ascii .
- use the movable letters to spell out 97105114 and get holdalls, you should also reveal .htm

Level 7
- The word music reverses when you hover over it
- You need to listen to the sound that is being played backwards
- The clue says run sndrec32 backwards, so click start, run, type sndrec32
- You may need to go to control panel, sounds, and adjust where your audio comes from for recordings... you probably want 'wave' or something like that
- Hit record in Sound Recorder when the sound is playing, then use the effects to reverse it and double its speed twice and then listen to it
- It says 'communication'

Level 8
- 75246 on a phone keypad spells 'plain'
- enter 'plain into the box in the image and click OK in the image

Level 9
- take a screenshot and paste into paint
- draw lines between the colours, i.e. blue-blue, yellow-yellow, etc.
- you need grey (black-white) + orange (red-yellow) + green (yellow-blue)
- look at the letters where the lines intersect and you get 'oil'.
- type oil into the field and click ok

Levels [1-9] [10-19][20-29][30-39][40-49][50-59][60-69]