ouverture-facile.com english hints only [20-29]

You might be disappointed if you use these hints rather than work it out for yourself, but the puzzle is difficult and everybody needs a little help sometimes


If you want the full solution and the reasons why - they are available from here.

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Level 20 - Yummy !
- Note where the arrows point
- You need to work out how to represent the URL with the food above the line and then do the same with the food below the line to get the answer
- The pictures represent 1's and 0's
- The 1's and 0's are binary
- Convert the 1's and 0's from binary to decimal (ignore the horizontal lines, they're just dashes)
- Convert the decimal values to letters of the alphabet, A=1, B=2, etc
- Above the line is 'late' (the URL)

Level 21 - Chat room
- Note the URL of the 3 available images (by clicking on the images)
- They show you left.htm, front.htm and right.htm
- What else might you visit to view another part of him?
- You need to look at the back
- Go to http://www.ouverture-facile.com/riddles/pickles/back.htm
- So you've got an error message - can you work out the name of the room you need to go to?
- It actually tells you the name
- Remember the 'obvious' level?
- The name is 'incorrect'
- Go to http://www.ouverture-facile.com/riddles/pickles/incorrect.htm
- Look at the page source code
- Are there any spelling mistakes in the page source code?
- Look at the name of the shockwave file
- It shows the shockwave as being incorect.swf
- You need to correct this spelling
- Go to http://www.ouverture-facile.com/riddles/pickles/incorrect.swf to see the answer

Level 22 - Decrypt
- Take the URL (see the arrow up the top pointing down from there), and work through the steps indicated
- You need to start with 'decibel'
- You need to use the concepts learnt on the indicated levels
- Use level 06, i.e. convert to ascii
- Use level 20, i.e. convert to binary
- Under the first XOR step it says 'jpg'
- You need to find a particular jpg file
- The file is key.jpg which gives you a key
- You need to do an XOR encryption
- XOR encrypt the binary of the ascii of 'decibel' with the binary of the ascii 'unsound'


XOR'd =

- Then we need to convert this to decimal and view the ascii equivalent characters
- Under the second XOR key it says 'png'
- You need to find a particular png file
- The file is key.png, which gives you a decoding table
- Find the characters you derived in the table and convert them to letters
- This gives you the answer

Level 23 - XXX - my wife, pron, sex - XXX
- The image indicates files you can download
- Download ey.txt
- Download mil.zip
- You need to create emily.jpg
- You do this by putting mil.zip inside ey.txt
- You will need a HexEditor (try XVI32)
- If you look at ey.txt in a hex editor you'll see a series of hex values '30'
- You need to replace these with the contents of mil.zip
- Once you've done, view emily.jpg

Level 24 - French Cards
- Each card has a number on the back
- Did you know that these playing cards are named after historical individuals?
- You need to find the names of those individuals
- You need to find the nth letter of the name of the individual, where 'n' is the number on the back of the card
- The names and letters in order (as they begin on the page are below)
- Queen of Hearts (3) = Judith = d
- Jack of Hearts (6) = La Hire = e
- King of Diamonds (1) = Cesar = c
- Jack of Clubs (2) = Lancelot = a
- King of Spades (5) = King David = d
- Queen of Clubs (6) = Argine = e
- King of Clubs (6) = Alexander the Great = n
- Queen of Diamonds (3) = Rachel = c
- Jack of Diamonds (2) = Hector of Troy = e

Level 25 - Dit idol
- Have you got your speakers turned on?
- You need to record the sound
- You need to alter the sound in some way
- Speed it up
- Can you make any code out of it?
- How about morse code?
- dash-dash ; dot-dash ; dash-dash-dot ; dot-dot ; dash-dot-dash-dot

Level 26 - Who am I?
- You need to find the location of something
- You need to find a physical, i.e. geographic location
- The numbers are co-ordiantes
- They're in the reverse of the normal format
- You need to look at what is at -74.04612 40.69018
- Try using google maps
- It points to Liberty Island
- Liberty Island is where the statue of Liberty is located
- Who created the Statue of Liberty?
- Who was the sculptor

Level 27 - 7 pigeons travel in france
- The images on the right tell you something
- You need to look for .txt files with the names given on the right
- Start off looking at journal.txt
- You need to find leopold
- Look at the various pigeons names (with.txt on the end)
- You get their flight paths
- The flight paths will tell you something
- Map their flight paths on map.jpg
- Join the flight paths up with lines
- Each flight path spells out a letter
- Combined they spell out a word
- The word is 'BEZIER'
- Type 'bezier' in the field and click OK.
- Just do the same thing you did before
- You get a letter 'S'
- You need to add that letter to the solution you had before
- Modify the URL

Level 28 - Greatest Hits
- You should recognise all the images
- They are previous levels
- It shows images of levels 6,8,9,13,20,22,24 and 25.
- Move your mouse over each image
- There is information on each image
- Hovering over the correct point on each of these images reveals (in order) 97, 2x3, a pink block, 4[6], 10011, iXORo, a card with a '2' on the back and the King of Clubs, and ...
- You need to apply the concept from each level to the hint given here to derive a letter
- 97 on the puzzle 6 = a
- 2x3 on puzzle 8, i.e. second letter on button 3...
- ... which is 'e '
- a pink block on puzzle 9...
- ... which is 'r'
- 4[6] on puzzle 13...
- ...(down 4 across 6)...
- ... which is 'o'
- 10011 on 20...
- ...which is 19...
- ... which is 's'
- iXORo on 22...
- i XOR'd with o...



- equals 6
- Convert that to ascii
- Look up the table on key.png from level 22
- Which equals 'o'
- a card with a '2' on the back and the King of Clubs on 24
- King of Clubs is Alexander the Great
- Which is 'l'
- ... on 25
- ... in morse code
- Which is 's'
- Combine the letters to form the word for the answer

Level 29 - The game must suit the players
- A simple anagram

Level 30 - Back to the source
- Look in the source code
- The answer is given explicitly in the source code

Level 31 - The answer is easy
- Remember the 'obvious' level?

Level 32 - Level 32
- A simple change is required
- Just change the URL
- Remember level 2

Level 33 - Level 33
- The game isn't really over
- Just do what it tells you

Level 29 - Straight inot the wall!
- Well, I guess you never really finished 29
- What did it say on level 30?
- On level 30 it said this was heading straight to the wall
- Take screen shots of the last few pages
- Combine the screenshots from levels 29,30,31,32 and 33 together
- Overlay the image of the wall on top of them
- Only the letters of a single word are left exposed

Levels [1-9][10-19] [20-29] [30-39][40-49]