ouverture-facile.com english hints only [10-19]

You might be disappointed if you use these hints rather than work it out for yourself, but the puzzle is difficult and everybody needs a little help sometimes


These are hints to the ouverture-facile game. If you need more help, a solution / walkthrough is available that explains the levels in full.

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Level 10 - The other page
- A page name is given
- Take a look at this page
- Change the URL to the name shown
- This image doesn't help, but the title of Level 10 is a hint
- You're looking at page2b.jpg, could there be another page you could look at but haven't yet

been told about?
- Page 2b is page 2/2
- Page 1b doesn't help
- Page 1a doesn't help either

- The page you need to look at is page2a.jpg
- On page 2a you can see some writing that has pressed-through from page 1

Level 11 - The is too dark, but the remote doesn't work
- You'll need to turn the TV on if you want to see anything
- If things are too dark then what might you need to do?
- You need to increase the brightness
- Do a screen capture of the page and paste it into your favourite image editing program
- You need to increase the brightness in your image editing program\
- You will see a word when you increase the brightness

Level 12 - Little rabbit
- The clue helps you
- You need to grow up
- What would you get if you 'grew up' little.htm?
- You need to change the URL
- change the url to big.htm
- The rabbit is now so big you can't see it all
- move the image around (drag)
- you'll find something written on the rabbit
- It is written on the rabbits foot

Level 13 - ?!
- You need to complete the jigsaw puzzle
- You need to align the jigsaw puzzle properly
- The red 'X's have to go over the 'X's on the puzzle.
- You should be able to read an answer from left to right
- You need to type the answer in and click OK

Level 14 - Pure simplicity
- The title is a hint
- The clue gives a big hint
- The page itself and the clue actually give you the answer
- It is not as complicated as you think, in fact it is extremely simple
- The answer is given to you, written down as plain as day
- It says the answer is obvious... and it is true, it really is that

Level 15 - Dots
- You've only got part of the puzzle
- Look at the URL
- What other pages could the rest of the puzzle be on?
- You need to look for parts b, c, d and e
- You've got to somehow join it all up
- Paste screenshots of the pages on top of each other in your image editing program
- Remember to paste the images so that you can see the images underneath too
- Join the dots - it spells out a word
- The writing is a strange cursive and difficult to read, but maybe use those letters that you are sure of and try and fit others around it - use trial and error if you have to

Level 16 - #
- The alphanumerics shown mean something
- What is the name of the level and how is the screen setup?
- The numbers represent colours
- The numbers shown are hex HTML colour values
- The values shown are hex values for the colours green, yellow and blue
- The URL is flag, so you need a green, yellow and blue striped flag
- You need to know the name of the country with this flag

Level 17 - Complementary forces
- The image gives you icons that represent a particular type of file
- The type of files are jpg files
- You need to look at yin.jpg and yang.jpg
- Change the URL to get these images
- Overlay the images in your image editing program and you should be able to read a word

Level 18 - Japanese
- You'll need to screen capture the image
- The video is irrelevant, just look at the text
- You need to change the text somehow
- It isn't Japanese
- Flip the image horizontally and vertically
- You should be able to read the answer in the 'Japanese' text now

Level 19 - Are you lost?
- The answer is there somewhere
- Move the image around, i.e. drag it
- The answer is near the bottom-left of the image
- You'll find 'sunshine.htm' written in the image
- You'll need to change the URL
- So you've got an error huh?
- Are you sure you've got an error? Look closer.
- Drag the image around and find sunshine.htm
- Do what the error page tells you to do

Levels [1-9] [10-19] [20-29][30-39][40-49]