ouverture-facile.com english hints only

You might be disappointed if you use these hints rather than work it out for yourself, but the puzzle is difficult and everybody needs a little help sometimes


ourverture-facile.com provides a logic game for you to solve. Each level of the game could require you to do anything from mathematics, image manipulation, audio editting, hex editting... in fact anything could be required to solve it.

Below I've included hints. I will update this over time & contributions are welcome as comments to my blog.

The below are gentle hints and nudges, getting more detailed to help you through the whole level - some levels require multiple stages of a puzzle to be solved to complete it. The hints are all coloured so you don't see anything you don't want to see, you just need to highlight the text to view it.

If you want the full solution and the reasons why - they are available to from here.

Levels [1-9] [10-19][20-29][30-39][40-49]

Level 1 - This is where it begins
- You need to find something
- Try moving things

Level 2 - Outside the game
- Move the pieces around to finish the jigsaw
- Where is it pointing?
- Look beyond the edge of the game itself as the title says "Outside the game"
- Its pointing at the URL in your address bar
- How could you change this to get to the next level?

Level 3 - Reflection
- What do you see when you look into a mirror?
- Try changing something like you did for the last level
- You need to reverse part of the URL
- Its no good reversing the URL for this level... try doing it for what would be the next


Level 4 - Music!
- solve the jigsaw puzzle
- Do some research on the indicated band
- What were the albums this band produced?
- What did the cover of the albums look like?
- What are the names of the song titles on this album?
- Which particular song title might you need?
- You are on level 4

Level 5 - OK ! Let's play some music
- Move things around a bit
- Move the player on the left by dragging it
- Look at all the filenames shown on the desktop
- There is user.jpg, element.html and one more
- password.mp3 is shown on the player on the right
- You need to click on something and provide the right username and password
- You need to get the files user.jpg and password.mp3 from somewhere
- Try changing the URL to find them
- Look at user.jpg and listen to password.mp3

Level 6 - No Math Here
- You need to convert these numbers some sort of words
- Do some research on 'ASCII'
- Each 2 or 3 digit number represents a letter
- Lookup the ascii value for each number
- The first 3 items are elements... what is the fourth one?
- Have you got the right element? Research it to be sure.
- You need to spell out the element using the movable numbers/letters on the screen
- When you spell out the right numbers you will reveal a word and an extension
- You need to change the URL

Level 7 - Satan's hidden message
- Move your mouse over the items on the screen
- Note what happens to 'music' when you hover over it
- Make sure you've got your speakers turned on
- You need to alter the sound that you can hear
- The clue tells you how to do it... but you may need to work out what the clue is saying
- The clue is written backwards
- You need to reverse the sound
- You also need to speed up the sound

Level 8 - SMS
- There is a number shown, this is significant
- What happens when you enter that number on the keypad
- The title of the level is a clue
- You need to get the word that would be spelt on a phone keypad when typing 75246
- You need to type this answer into the field in the top-right
- You also need to click OK
- The OK button is on the picture of the phone

Level 9 - I forgot something
- You might need to do a screen capture for this image
- You'll need to paste the screen capture into MS Paint (or some other image editor) and draw
some lines on it
- You need to make the colours indicated by the equation down the bottom
- You need to make the colours grey, orange and green
- grey is made up of black and white
- orange is made up of red and yellow
- green is made up of yellow and blue
- Draw lines between squares of the same colour
- Look at where the various lines intersect
- Lines will intersect at particular letters
- Find what letter is at where black and white lines intersect ot get grey
- Repeat this process to get the next 2 letters
Levels [1-9] [10-19][20-29][30-39][40-49]