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Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt where you use a GPSr to find containers. When you find it, you write in the log book, swap some items, then re-hide it for the next person. When you come home you log your experience on the website for others to read about.

When you find a particularly nice or interesting location to hide a geocache, you record the co-ordinates and post details about it on the Internet for others to find.

Caches (the nickname for geocaches) can vary from ammo boxes on the top of the tallest mountain in your state, to tupperware containers in the garden in your local park to film canisters hidden in a phone booth in the city. There are plenty of caches out there so you can choose the type that you like - or, just do all of them.

Geocaching will take you to so many fantastic areas that you didn't know existed as well as giving you a reason to just get out there and enjoy the world! Of course, its a great family activity too.